A community’s streets and roads are important for the safely of it's citizens. Safe driving is crucial to emergency responders, businesses, and citizens. At DΞC, we strive to develop your transportation infrastructure to meet your current and future needs. 

The following are some of our specialties for transportation systems. For detailed examples, check out our transportation project examples and our photo gallery.

Rural and Urban Roadway Design1069_Socorro Cnty_Farm to Market Road.d

DΞC works with you to develop and rehabilitate each road or street according to its specific use and purpose within your greater community. We cater transportation improvements to your community’s needs from soil reinforcement to types of surfacing. DΞC develops your project to cover every need and concern from drainage to traffic flow, making for a safe and a cost efficient quality project.

Intersection Improvements857_Socorro_Crosswalks at East Entrance.r.d

DΞC designs intersections with safety, visibility, and accident prevention in mind. Based on your specific needs, we consider everything from drainage to crosswalks, including incorporating ADA standards. Our detailed analysis creates a finished project that is safe for all types of traffic in all types of weather.

Parking Lot Improvements

DΞC designs parking lots with ease of use in mind, encouraging community participation at your public buildings.798_Mosquero_05_NE Corner3.r.d We rehabilitate old parking lots and develop new parking lots, taking into account everything from traffic flow to ADA requirements.

Surface Treatment

DΞC works a variety of different surface treatments to extend the life of your road or street, including seal coating, chip sealing, and crack sealing. With our extensive knowledge, we assist you in determining the proper treatment to increase longevity of a road or street while minimizing maintenance and rehabilitation costs. 595 trail image DSCF1585

Pedestrian Trails and Pathways

DΞC addresses more than motorized vehicles when designing and constructing transportation systems. We understand that a thriving community includes accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists. As such, we work with you to design sidewalks, trails, and bicycle lanes that optimize safety and use.

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