Without proper drainage, routine weather can bring a community to a halt and causing damage. That is why DΞC works with you and your community to determine practical and cost effective drainage solutions. Depending on the severity of flooding and drainage needs, we may complete a drainage study or other additional planning before determining the best design for your needs.

The following are some of our specialties for drainage systems. For detailed examples, check out our drainage project examples and our photo gallery.Drainage, Articulated Concrete Block, 947.d

Open Channel Systems

For country roads and other spacious areas, DΞC designs open channel drainage systems from swales to large open channels. We determine the best design for your system based on studies completed during the planning phase, incorporating erosion prevention and slowing downstream water accumulation. Our attention to detail leaves you with a cost effective and high quality drainage system.Drainage, Concrete Channel, 660.d

Storm Drain Systems

An adequate and reliable storm drain system prevents local roads and streets from flooding, allowing traffic flow during heavy rainfall. DΞC designs and rehabilitates storm drainage systems with your local climate and topography in mind. We assist you in determining the most cost effective and comprehensive drainage solutions, including incorporating storm drain construction into your road projects.

Detention and Retention PondsPond Inlet ACB's_752.d

Before returning storm water to the local body of water, DΞC often includes a detention and retention pond in your drainage system, aiding in flood prevention downstream. We complete a hydrology analysis during the planning phase for a more accurate design that caters to your needs. We cover everything from spillways to erosion prevention, keeping your drainage system flowing in even the heaviest of rainfalls.

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