Our team has the capability, experience and technical proficiency to assist you in planning your projects and providing assistance with funding opportunities for all your infrastructure improvement goals.

Planning ahead is key in developing projects and improvements, for both small and large projects.

Throughout the development and planning process our team is available to give presentations and to answer questions at public hearings, and to conduct work sessions with members of governing entities, to help develop ideas, to understand the needs of your community and to establish long-term goals in a more systematic, strategic and inclusive way.

Community Outreach - The Importance of Consensus Building

During the planning process, we encourage public outreach Shaking handsand invite the participation of all local stakeholders, which is extremely important in the development of your projects.

We understand there can be diverse public interests. We have the experience, patience, listening skills, and sensitivity necessary for building consensus.

We work closely with local community leaders to develop a protocol, and coordinate a plan, that is respectful and responsive to all stakeholders, from neighborhood groups to government agencies. We strive to educate, inform, mediate and build unity for the successful implementation of every project. An accurate and well-developed plan is critical for both planning and funding projects.

We provide planning assistance and prepare the following planning documents required by most funding agencies:

  • Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP)
  • Asset Management Plans (AMP)
  • Comprehensive Plans (Comp Plan)
  • Technical Memorandums
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER)
  • Wastewater System Reports
  • Water System Reports
  • Drainage Reports
  • Master Plans

We work diligently to compile accurate, concise, field investigations, and engage in discussions with operators and community leaders. We develop recommendations for your infrastructure improvements to assist you in developing your community’s goals, including necessary information for making the best decisions on how to proceed.

We provide the technical support warranted for accurate cost estimating, estimating project timelines and detailed descriptions to clearly convey the realistic needs for your goals.

We deliver the highest quality services with a team of professionals uniquely qualified to assist New Mexico municipalities. We collaborate with your community leaders throughout the entire process. This makes for highly-personalized experience as every community has unique requirements.

Through the planning phase of your project, we address any existing needs within your community as well as make cost effective recommendations.

A thorough understanding of your community needs provides a more accurate analysis necessary for strategic planning, saving you time and money in the long run.


In developing your objectives into concrete strategies, we work with your community to determine the appropriate funding plan based on your project goals, while taking into consideration your community needs and financial capabilities.
We have been successful in working with communities and funding agencies in securing funding for numerous community projects. We provide accurate and updated funding information by regularly attending workshops provided by funding agencies, maintaining a strong relationship with agency staff, and staying abreast on funding specific requirements and changes.

We provide support every step of the way. NMDFA w colorWe provide assistance from the funding application process through presentations and explanations. We work closely with you to develop presentation material and information. We support you during the presentations required by some funding agencies and answer any questions needed during the presentation. We also assist our clients in following through on the various funding requirements to meet deadlines on a timely basis.USDA..

Assisting our clients from planning, funding strategies, funding applications, as well as design and completion of projects, has proven beneficial in meeting funding agency requirements and increases the potential for future project funding and bringing multi-phase projects to fruition.

The following is a list of a few of the State and Federal funding agencies that we work with to achieve your infrastructure goals:CDBG Logo

  • New Mexico Environment Department (NMED)
  • New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA)
  • Colonias Infrastructure Board
  • New Mexico Department of Finance (DFA)
  • New Mexico Legislature
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 

We have been successful in completing large projects by making improvement plans for multiple phases. We work closely with our clients in determining their financial capability to meet funding dollar match requirements and availability of various funding leveraging opportunities.

We take into consideration community funding limitations and have designed projects in phases that enable community services to continue as improvements are made one phase at a time as to not interrupt services while in transition to the upgraded systems.

Our experience in assisting rural communities for over 45 years proves beneficial to our clients in continued success for securing necessary funding and continuity in providing communities meet the infrastructure needs.

We look forward to using our experience to assist you in meeting all your community goals.

Permitting and Easements

When a project crosses into private or publicly owned land, permitting and easements are required before a project can proceed. DΞC works with you and your staff to determine land boundaries and to acquire the necessary documents for construction approval. With each permit and easement, we handle acquiring documentation and supplying any necessary closeout paperwork.

Some of the entities that we work with to obtain permitting and easements are:NMDOT

  • New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT)
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD)
  • Local Property Owners

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