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Services Provided Include

  • Assistance with Funding Applications
  • Planning
  • Surveying
  • Assistance with Easement Acquisition
  • Assistance with Permitting
  • Environmental Review
  • Design
  • Bidding
  • Construction Observation
  • Assistance with Closeout Documentation


Waterline Replacement

Village of Wagon Mound

The Village of Wagon Mound requested services to help with replacing aging waterlines. These lines were originally installed in the 1930s with some improvements over the year. The requested improvements would increase fire suppression capabilities, replace deteriorating lines, and add strategic valve placement for better operational control of the system. 

To begin, DΞC aided with applying for and securing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding. With these funds we were able to plan, design, and construct the first phase of a multi-phase project, providing a reliable potable water system for the community. 

During the design, we aided with the Environmental Review and with acquiring the necessary permitting and easements to accomplish the project, including permits from New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF). 

While Sta. 4.80 Wood Installation of Tee and Test Cap Assembly.d.jpgconstructing, we came across new piping that were not in the Village’s records. To make the most of the funding, we coordinated with the Village to change the project location to include a portion of future phases in the current project. 

Upon completion, we helped the Village with all closeout documentation including CDBG requirements, leaving the Village with a fully functional project.

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